signs no contact is working

Signs No Contact is Working

No Contact is not easy. It can feel so counterproductive, especially early on. In several coaching calls, people ask the same question regarding No Contact: “If I’m not fighting for the relationship, and they’re perfectly willing to let me go, how is backing off going to get anything to happen?!” There are several articles that can perfectly answer this … Read more

signs your boyfriend is an ass

Signs Your Boyfriend is an Ass

Unless you’re going through some rebellious or strange stretch in your life – it’s safe to say you don’t hope your boyfriend is an ass. Everyone’s looking for that perfect somebody. The person they can grow old with and live happily alongside. However, for many people, that stampede to find true love can be blinding. To the … Read more

why good men are leaving

Why Good Men Are Leaving

More and more today, men – good men – are struggling in their relationships. Bad men, to use the term broadly, leaving their relationships for something better is nothing new. But why are so many good (or at least trying to be good) men having trouble in their relationships? Why are good men leaving their relationships? The men are … Read more

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