Booking a Call: A Quick How-to

Here’s how it works

1. Fill out the Form (or skip this step)

Fill out the form to receive an introduction email that lets you answer 5 quick questions to tailor your coaching call according to your needs.

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2. Schedule a Time

Go through the calendar and pick a time suitable for you to have the coaching call.

Book the call.

3. Receive an email confirmation

After step 2 is completed, you will receive a confirmation email about your booking, together with a zoom-invite link.

First time using zoom? Read more here.

4. Time for the call

Both you and Coach Ken will enter a Zoom video call where you will have a face-to-face-like experience during the 45-minute coaching session. If you want the session recorded, please request this beforehand.

We are so confident in the value and effectiveness of our coaching sessions, which is why we proudly offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on your first session – no questions asked!

Just the first coaching call will guarantee you to:

Gain personalized insights and advice on how to improve your relationship skills and approach.

Identify and overcome limiting beliefs and negative patterns that may be hindering your success, both with and without a relationship.

Learn how to effectively communicate your needs and expectations in relationships.

Receive support and encouragement to stay motivated and focused on your dating goals.

Increase your confidence and self-esteem, leading to a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Booking a call takes less than 2 minutes, are you ready?

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